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Donald Trump followed Emergency Kittens on Twitter

donald trump followed emergency kittens on twitter goes viral

Goes Trending and Viral in the twitter community – then immediately unfollowed when twitter people noticed.

UNITED STATES PRESIDENT – It is temporary or accidentally that Donald Trump followed Emergency Kittens on Twitter and twitter people are immediately just so confused!
For the most part, President-elect Donald Trump is by all accounts very specific in who he follows onTwitter.
Trump doesn’t follow a lot of individuals on Twitter. For sure, as of not long ago, he was taking after a minimum of 41 individuals. The lineup — excluding the Emergency Kittens twitter account — composed of government officials associated with the Trump campaign, individuals from his family, a chosen few columnists, and twitter accounts having a place with his organizations.
Normally, the expansion to the listing of Trump’s twitter account taking after drummed up a buzz on Twitter.
Granted how much he loves to tweetDonald Trump follows shockingly few individuals on Twitter — which made it all the more critical when Donald Trump followed Emergency Kittens on Twitter a weekend ago.
donald trump followed emergency kittens on twitter
Donald Trump followed Emergency Kittens on Twitter Goes Viral
LONDON — There’s no concealing spot on Twitter when you’re president-elect of the United States.
Your tweets, top choices and even the twitter accounts you follow are under consistent investigation. Particularly when you begin following a twitter account committed to fleecy little cats.
In what is plainly a vital preliminary stride for his up and coming initiation,Donald Trump commenced 2017 by adding another Twitter accounts to the greatly restricted listing of twitter accounts he followed. The new follow?
The broadly imperative@EmrgencyKittens. As per theEmergency kittens twitter account bio,@EmrgencyKittens is committed to “posting of the cutest cats on the web!”

uhmmm hi so donald trump just followed an emergency kittens twitter account
Devoted exclusively to posting adorable pictures of cat cutties@EmrgencyKittens turned Donald Trump followed Emergency Kittens on Twitter and for the record it isTrump’s 43rd follow on Sunday, provoking many to think about whether it had been a mishap or on the off chance that it was just thepresident-elect’s method for uncovering he’s a cat’s personality.
Consider it along these lines: If you’re worried in light of the fact that you’re going to begin another employment that you’re not certain you’re prepared for, what preferred the approach to unwinding over photographs of a new cat cutties? Trump joins the 1.85 million other individuals who likewise follow theEmergency kittens twitter account for cute pictures of cat cutties lifted from different parts of the web and afterward tweeted to make us grin.
That is correct, it’s a twitter account loaded with adorable cat cutties, obvs. What’s more, that is whoTrump followed – before unfollowing rapidly after.

Presently, we don’t know whether Trump had somewhat of an interest and it was an incidental follow. Alternately maybe the absurdity of 2016 all got an excess of and he essentially required some reprieve as cats. that may possibly the reason why Donald Trump followed Emergency Kittens on Twitter.
We’ve all been there.
On Sunday night, Donald Trump followed Emergency Kittens on Twitter, which has around 2 million followers. Is it accurate to say that it was a mischance? On the other hand, did Trump simply admit to the world that he subtly ridiculously, truly adores kitties?
Whatever the purpose of the Twitter follows, the befuddled response on Twitter is v.enjoyable.
As of Sunday night, @EmrgencyKittens tags Donald Trump’s 43rd Twitter follow. The Emergency Kittens Twitter account joins the organization of Mike PenceReince PriebusAnn Coulter, Bill O’Reilly10 Trump brand and companions, and six individuals who share the President-elect’s last name.
By 1/02/17: early Monday morning, Donald Trump’s twitter account had unfollowed @EmrgencyKittens.
The individual behind the emergency kittens twitter account chose to contact their new devotee with a secret message having the opening script of a joke. Trump, regardless, didn’t hold up for the tagline and immediately unfollowed ‘Emergency Kittens Twitter Account‘.

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